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All non-member Tuners and Technicians are cordially invited to PTA events.


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The Pianoforte Tuners' Association is an active member of Europiano which is a Union of European Piano Builders Associations and a Union

of European Piano Tuners & Technicians Associations.

Why use a PTA Member?


Piano owners are encouraged to use Tuners/Technicians who have the letters MPTA after their name as assurance of their underlying skills.

The PTA Membership Test was established in 1975 to ensure the professional competence of all Members who join the PTA. Successful candidates are permitted to use the letters MPTA in their advertising. 

Any person wishing to gain full membership of the PTA must pass the PTA Test to a high standard.

The PTA Membership Test consists of three sections:

The tuning test where a high level of accuracy and stability are required.

The repairs test where common repairs and regulation skills are examined.

The viva voce test which is an oral examination of the candidate’s knowledge of tuning theory, repairs, reconditioning and piano construction.

In belonging to their Professional Association, PTA Members are expected to abide by a Code of Conduct.