Application forms to become a Member of the PTA are available to download below.

Completed application forms should be sent to:

The PTA Secretary

PO Box 230


BN27 9EA


To qualify for Membership of the Association, an applicant must:

(a) either (i) have successfully trained as a Pianoforte Tuner, Technician or Maker in a reputable factory or workshop for no fewer  than three years, or have successfully completed a course in Pianoforte Tuning or Technical Studies and have subsequently earned a living as a Pianoforte Tuner, Technician or Maker for a period of at least two years.

or (ii) have earned a living as a Pianoforte Tuner, Technician or Maker for at least five years,

(b) at the time of application, currently be engaged inthe piano industry,


(c) either (i) pass a practical test of tuning and elementary repairs, and an oral test of his/her knowledge of tuning, construction and repair of pianos, if applying for Technician membership,

or (ii) pass an assessment of practical ability and theoretical knowledge in a specialist field of piano technology.


Any applicant may be asked to pay a surcharge equal to the real cost of the examination.


Only registered Members may use the logo or the letters MPTA.


You can also join the PTA as an Associate, Student or Patron. Application forms are immediately below.

PTA Category definitions are found here.

Benefits of Membership

Regular Training Days
£5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance 
Inclusion in 'Find a Tuner' search facility 
Regular Newsletter   
Information and Discussion
Advice about developments in the piano industry
Yearbook containing e-mail addresses, telephone & fax numbers
Library of books, manuals and tapes
Seminars and technical classes
Photocard for Members 
Internet website
Free e-mail address
Tool Replacement Scheme
Tuning reminder facility for your customers
Access to Continual Professional Development
Being part of a professional Association
Newsletter Archive