What does MPTA mean?

The letters MPTA after a tuner's name mean that the person is a Member of the Pianoforte Tuners' Association.

Only tuners who have taken and passed the PTA Membership Test are eligible to use the letters MPTA and

the PTA Logo.


What is a registered Tuner/Technician?

A registered Tuner or Technician is a Member of the PTA who is listed in the PTA register. Registered Members can be found in the ‘Find a Tuner’ section of this website.



Why should I use a Tuner who is a Member of the PTA?


Since 1975 PTA Members have to pass a three-part examination to demonstrate their capability to carry out tuning and repairs to a very high standard. Technicians are similarly qualified for rebuilding, major overhaul, string making, action design or other aspects of the piano industry.