Code of Conduct

Members are expected to conduct themselves and their business dealings in such a manner as to ensure that the name of the PTA is not brought into disrepute.


Standard of Service

When carrying out their business Members are expected to:

  • maintain the test standards set by the PTA.
  • act in a professional manner in the course of business dealings.
  • respect their clients when carrying out their business dealings.
  • act in good faith when selling goods.
  • only undertake work for which the Member possesses the appropriate level of skill to complete such work to a satisfactory standard.
  • use appropriate skill and care when undertaking work.
  • take all reasonable steps to ensure that the property of their client is respected and treated with care whilst carrying out their work.


Fees Charged

Members are expected to charge fair and reasonable fees in respect of all business transactions.

When deciding whether fees are fair and reasonable, the Executive Council of the PTA will take into consideration factors such as:

  • the time spent on the work carried out;
  • the level of skill required;
  • the level of specialised knowledge required;
  • the nature of the equipment required to complete the work;
  • the distance travelled by the Member;
  • the level of personal experience of the Member; and
  • the cost of the materials used.


In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint against one of our Members, please contact us via the PTA Secretary.