Piano Tuning
Piano Tuning
 Pianoforte Tuners' Association

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This site will enable you to...
locate a Piano Tuner who is a Member of the Association and local to you.
find out how to become a Member of the Pianoforte Tuners' Association.
discover valuable information about looking after your piano.
- How should I care for my piano?
- How often should my piano be tuned or serviced?
learn what to look for when buying a piano.
- Straight Strung or Overstrung?
- Overdamper or Underdamper?
Our Policy
To safeguard the legitimate interests of all Members
To proclaim the importance of high professional standards of proficiency and to help raise those standards
To educate the public on the need for regular and skilled tuning and servicing
To represent the tuning profession with the strength of an Association
To bring together piano tuners and technicians for mutual protection and benefit
To advise on tuning and servicing fees